Pet Loss & Grief

So much more than “just” a pet.

Companion. Four-legged kid. Fur baby. Best friend. Whatever you call them, the mark they leave on your life is everlasting. And the house just doesn’t feel like home without them. You find yourself losing sleep and thinking about them constantly. All around you, life goes on…but your life hasn’t been the same since you had to say goodbye.

The silhouette of a girl and her dog against an evening sky

When you’re grieving the death of a pet, it can feel like nobody understands the depth of your grief. Workplaces generally don’t allow bereavement leave for pets, and people’s callous comments can leave you feeling judged, embarrassed, or like there is something wrong with you. Are you crazy for hurting so much? How long will this pain last?

You are not alone. Animals provide us with unconditional love and companionship, and it is normal to grieve their loss. For some, the loss of a pet can be more intense than the death of a human loved one. Bereavement gets more complicated when euthanasia is a factor, as we can struggle with and torture ourselves over whether our decision was the right one.

Let’s hold a space for your beloved animal while we work through your grief together. You can share photos and funny memories as well as the pain. They mattered, and your grief matters. Your love will last forever, but the pain doesn’t have to.

A cat staring to the side from a dimly lit room
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